Show Me…. Your Table!

Welcome to the Show Me Project!

This week’s assignment  March 1st / Show me… your table! (Dining room table, coffee table, or patio table… whatever table gets the most love or tells the most interesting story!)
I decided to do our coffee table as it is a bit more reflective of our daily lives.
First off let me tell you that I got this coffee table from Good Will in Santa Cruz shortly after moving there. My apartment was tiny, so tiny that I had no kitchen/dining room table but I didin’t want to eat off the cloor, so I went looking for a coffee table. I found this one… and forgetting how small my apartment was, I bought it.
It took some work to get it home where it promply filled up the entire living room floor and made it so that you sort of had to sort of turn sideways and slide past it… which resulted in many a bumped shin bone.

Man, I’m glad we moved.

So, here it is… our coffee table!
And what I said before about it reflecting our daily life? Well, yeah….
Baby stuff. (Board books and bottles… but also this random toy that looks like either modern art or something you would find in a chemistry classroom.)

 Money management… because of the above new addition to our home.

 I just put together the new stroller for the little miss. She likes being able to see where we are going. I with the thing had a cup holder, but otherwise this should allow us to be a little bit more adventurous as we can no go onthe bus!

 Let’s see, a non fiction book I was rereading and a card from a friend…. also a cooke from 7-11 because I have simple tastes. 

 The obligatory workout DVD. My sister is getting married in just over 3 months and I want to look good! 

 Another shot of that cookie… yum! Also, the fiction book from last month’s book club that I am having a hard time with due to the diction (dialect) and the random use of 2nd person narrative….

Oh yes, the rainbow bracelets that I prep every week for mailing as part of the Rainbow Delegation Project

 So there you have it, my coffee table… which we do use to eat dinner off of ocasionally.

Thus endeth my submission for this week’s Show Me!
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And come back next week…. March 8th for Show Me Your Mailbox!

(For the “rules of the game”, click here.)

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7 thoughts on “Show Me…. Your Table!

  1. Don't you love it though? We had the same coffee table while we had kids at home. The table got pretty ugly but we didn't really notice or care. That table hosted so much fun: eating, crafts, games, car tracks, play house, puzzles (including a cockatiel that stole pieces and hid them)and the list goes on.


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