Monday’s Sundays in My City: New Work space!

Like last Sunday, I had a staff meeting at the Fresno LGBT Community Center yesterday.

(We were going over our upcoming Cultural Competency Training Sessions with a few new panelists.)

Anyway, while I was doing that, Ella and her daddy hung out at Starbucks in the Tower and people watched.

Seriously, that kid is happiest when she is out and about surrounded by lots of activity. No wonder she gets fussy at home during the week… I think I bore her!

Fair enough, sometimes she bores me.


Once we got home it was time to tackle a project that I had been wanting to do for a while. See, my desk had been living in the nursery… which mad sense from a “Ella doesn’t use the whole room” sort of stand point, but made no sense in the whole “mommy needs to actually do work” stand point.

With it in there, not only was it impossible for me to work while she was napping or after she had gone to bed, it was really hard for me to keep my projects all organized in my temporary work space of the kitchen table.

And it was hard to work while someone else was caring for Ella because she was still Right There.

I needed a place where I could close the door.

… somewhere like my bedroom!

Having a work space in my bedroom isn’t ideal… but it isn’t a bad either… we figured we would give it a go.

I forgot to take any “before” photos, but you can see (behind the cute)*** my dresser in the corner.

And then the space where it was…

… and now the desk!

I am using my new work space and loving it! Good light, away from the rest of the house, near my iHome stereo, close to the bathroom but further from the kitchen….

I hope this helps me stay organized and productive!

And that, was Sunday in my city / home.

(Sunday’s In My city is a weekly photo meme… join us here!)

*** Is this really just a shameless way for me to put more cute photos of my daughter online? Maybe. But can you blame me? Look at her!

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