Monday’s Sundays In My City: The Missed Parade

Back in the long long ago when I was an active part of the Blog-o-sphere, I used to visit a blogger named Unknown Mami. She was awesome.

Right around the time I stopped posting so much I noticed that she did a weekly post called “Sundays In My City and she invited us other bloggers to join her.

I never got around to taking part.. so imagine my joy when I discovered this week that Unknown Mami is still blogging and still doing the Sundays In My City thing!

I decided to take part!

Yesterday was Sunday… and my city is Fresno.

Lucky me, there was a Mardi Gras parade ion the Tower district yesterday afternoon! Even better? I was in the Tower in the afternoon…. BUT sadly I was there because I was going to a staff meeting at the Fresno LGBT Community Center…. a meeting that started at the same time as the parade.

So, I took a few photos anyway… photos of folks getting ready for the parade and then scampered off to my meeting.

Here we go!

It’s never too early for beads!

…. or too cold….
Also, never too early to stake out your spot. This was taken a full two hours before the parade was due to start.

A very serious man in beads.

 My favorite little grouping… a mother and her two children (all well past middle age) enjoying the festivities.

Alas… no parade for me…
Although I did get to enjoy this:
Personal Mini Pizzas for the win!!!!

Unknown Mami

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