The Blame Game: Facebook Edition!

You know what’s stupid? Blaming the wrong thing for your problems.

No, I’m not talking about blaming McDonald’s because you are overweight or blaming gun owners for one idiot’s rampage (although sure, those fit the rant but others have already blathered on and on about them).

I’m talking about Facebook.

First we have this article which tells us that we should “de-friend” our spouses on FB as a way of saving our sex lives.

Next we have this article telling us that bribing your kid with cold hard cash to avoid FB is totally the best way to keep your kid focused on their schoolwork.


First off, if your sex life is threatened by being connected to your partner, I think you have more important issues. While it is true that seeing every blasted thing your significant other is doing might lead you to apathy, hopefully it leads you to apathy of what they are sharing “oh boy, she’s eating another sandwich” and not apathy towards the person, “That stupid sandwich eater, I miss the days when she ate soup or salad or burritos…”

And in the case of the first example in the article, if your lover is choosing to hang out on FB instead of have sex with you… again Sign of a BIGGER problem… and this would probably be the case without FB, it would just be something else that you would be jealous of. Something like World of Warcraft, football, your spouse’s desire to finish reading her book before she goes to sleep, the kids, … etc.

My point is that blaming FB for marital problems is just lame… and even if FB can cause strife, is “de-friending” anyone going to make it better? If you are that insecure that you stalk your partner online, I doubt not having access to their wall is going to help ratchet down that paranoia.

Ok, moving on to the dad who is paying his 14 year old daughter to stay off FB until school is over.

You know what? Sure. If that works for them, who am I to judge? The article says it was her idea… which makes me wonder if a) she has another account or b) she doesn’t really care about FB in the first place and has found a quick way to make some extra cash. Either way, who cares?

BUT then the article ends with this gem: “Hopefully this experiment will be used as an example for others. Facebook is the ultimate procrastination tool. Many high schoolers will sit with their eyes glued to their profiles, their laptops rested on top of unopened textbooks. Something should be done, and perhaps a simple little bribe is the key.:”

Umm no. No. Just no.

FB is a tool for media and connection and such… and like any tool it can be overused, misused, or used for evil. Calling it the “ultimate procrastination tool” fails to take into account that those of us who are keen on procrastinating will find ANYTHING by which to procrastinate I mean, I have cleaned to put off writing. I have written to put off cleaning. I have laid on my back and stared at the ceiling to avoid both. And the internet is just full of lovely black holes of knowledge or entertainment .. if you want to put of your homework and you are online, FB is not your only -or best- option.

Secondly, this idea that these kids are sitting there like zombies with their laptops and unopened books an that something has to be done… Good grief. Here’s a few things that could be done:

1. Take away the laptop.

2. Or leave the laptop but take away the internet during homework time.

3. If a computer or the internet is necessary for school, monitor the use… maybe have all homework done at the family computer in the living room where it an be monitored.

4. Set limits

5. Work with your kids to get their work done, make sure those books are open.

6. You know, be a parent.

But nooooo let’s throw money at the problem.

Because nothing says “good parenting” like a bribe of cash.


You know what this makes me think of?
This: (NSFW)

Times have changed
Our kids are getting worse
They won’t obey the parents
They just want to fart and curse!

Should we blame the government?

Or blame society?

Or should we blame the images on TV?

No, blame Canada!

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