Anne of Green Gables New Cover Art FAIL

Oh Good Grief.

Longtime blog readers might remember this piece I wrote eons ago when the Sweet Valley High books were re-released.

Yeah I had issues with the changes, but I had a bigger problem with the idea of the art itself being changed no mater how or why. (The books are a form of art even if you don’t like ’em… and the changes were stupid… don’t believe me? Read my post, I bitch about Star Wars too!)

And here we go again!

Anne of Green Gables

She used to be an awkward 10 year old girl with red hair and freckles.

Now she is this:

What’s up come hither eyes and the decidedly NOT re haired or freckled… or ten year old (I hope)??

The book itself appears unchanged, it is just the cover art that has been updated as a way of getting new readers.

Which might lead to confusion as Anne’s red hair and freckles are actual plot points and character motivations….

Because every ten year old girl can relate to Sexy Farm girl, right?

Again I say: Good Grief.

Read the books, they are good… but try to find an older copy,

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One thought on “Anne of Green Gables New Cover Art FAIL

  1. just the e-books or are they selling real books with those covers? shame! A girl who looks like that doesn't get her pigtails pulled or locked in the outhouse… unless she pulled a boy in there. Bring back the old Anne Shirley, I could relate to her… not the supermodel.


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