Adventures in naptime


My life revolves around sleep. Or rather Ella’s sleep. Or rather, when she will and won’t sleep. 
First off let me say that she is typically an amazing nighttime sleeper. We trained her pretty early to self sooth and she has been in her own crib in her own room since just after turning 2 months. She tends to sleep for long periods… from 10 to sometimes 12 hours straight through.
Of course, there are nights when she needs a few extra nocturnal feedings (usually on nights when I have stayed up late or need to get up early in the morning, it’s like she KNOWS!) but for the most part she goes to sleep around the same time every night and gets up around the same time every morning.
So, night? Nights are a walk in the park. (again, most of the time).
But naps?
Naps are a whole other thing. 
And the thing is… for a while we had a pretty good routine. -not a schedule mind you, but a routine-
She fought her naps a little bit… not all that bad, but still draining. as the day would go on she would get mroe and more anti-nap and more fussy. Morning were fine, afternoons were hard, evenings kinda sucked. But we were dealing.
And then last week, the routine stopped working and she started fighting me on naps. all naps, all screaming, all the time. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. 
Just…. horrible.
Case in point: (from my journal) After fighting for 20 minutes to get Miss E to fall asleep, she finally simmered down. I waited…. she eventually dozed off. I waited  to make sure… but she had the blanket on her face, so I tiptoed into her room and gently, oh so slowly and gently pulled it off… and 2 mins later she woke up screaming… and 30 mins later we still haven’t managed to go back to sleep. At this point I give up.

Case in point: Ella has become queen of the 9 minute nap. I don’t think this is long enough really for a rest… but she screams for 20 mins then just stops… for nine to eleven minutes… and then she is screaming again like she is being tortured   This is bad enough but I just realized after two days of this that she isn’t even napping in those 9 to 1 minutes… I peeked at her a little while ago and she was glaring at the wall… just biding her time, waiting for me to start to relax before she would launch into another screaming jag.

Screams…. simmer down… screaming… a moment of peace: is she asleep or just gearing up again for more, oh yes, here we go: Screams!

Today I tried something different  Instead of waiting for her to start acting sleepy, I told her, “You get to be awake for an hour and a half, then it will be nap time.”

We hit the hour and a half mark, I stopped playing with her and picked her up. a diaper check and then a slow song cuddle dance and then into bed she went.

And… no screaming.


Today we are back to our beautiful drift off to sleep she is actually taking a nap routine! 

Granted the naps tend to be around 1/2 an hour, 45 mins at the max… but still! 

And, who knows. This might be a fluke. I might be jinxing it. 

But for now, for now I am pleased… so very very pleased!

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