These Delicious Things I Made

Happy New Year!

…. and all the jazz…

I have to say I had a lot of fun during this past holiday season. I got to do some baking, got to do some shopping, got to do some adorable photo taking of Ella… and of course, got to do some serious family bonding time.

Baby Ella at 13 weeks.

But mainly I cooked and ate an insane amount of yummy holiday foods.

And as many of you have been asking me for the recipes for my home made yummy foods… I thought I would share.

Because I’m all about sharing!

There’s the Best Hot Cocoa Ever
Marshmallow Accompaniments
Peppermint Sugar Cookies
Oreo Balls of Awesome
M&M Christmas Cookies
and my Classic Sugar Cookies (with sprinkles inside!)

I also made my famous Rosemary Bread and Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies again this year.

And yeah… I gained a few pounds over the course of the last six weeks. Who wouldn’t? But that’s ok too because now I can make a whole bunch of yummy healthy things!

I’m actually looking forward to cooking more and better in the coming year (yes, it is one of my resolutions).

The waffle iron and cake pop maker set that I got for Christmas will probably get a work out too… hmmmm… maybe I can find a way to make waffles and cake pops healthy? You think? Because that would be so awesome….

/hopeful face/

Oh.. and I will make more and more and more lasagna in the coming year as I am still perfecting my recipe. Lasagna is healthy right?

/return of the hopeful face/

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