Oreo Balls of Awesome!

Oreo Balls of Awesome
There are so many variations that can be done with these, but I am going to discuss the basic approach first.
To make the balls themselves…
1 package regular oreos (resist the urge to buy double stuffed etc)
1 package cream cheese
don’t do this.
Crush the oreos and mix with softened cream cheese.
Note: At first I used a rolling pin to crush the oreos… this made a mess and was totally the wrong thing to do. Thankfully, I remembered that I own a Magic NBullet (keep your naughty thoughts to yourself, it is a food processor thing) and thus I was able to carry on properly.
Once the cookies and the cream cheese have become one, pinch out a bit at a time, roll them into little balls and set on wax paper. I laid my wax paper in an aluminum baking sheet (lasagna 9 by 13) which worked perfectly.
Pop in the fridge for around 20 minutes
Stick a toothpick into each ball, put back into the fridge… for at least an hour, preferably over night.
Now it is time for the toppings! Again I am going to discuss the basic approach first.
Melt one package (4oz) of chocolate bark in a microwave bowl.
Break it up into pieces, warm on high for 30 seconds, stir, repeat. It took me three times before the chocolate is all nice and melty.
Pick up the ball by the toothpick, swipe it through the melted chocolate and place on new wa paper.
Back in the fridge for at least an hour!

Ok… now to make it fun….
I crushed candy canes in the Magic Bullet (food processor) into a fine peppermint powder. I used this in one batch by mixing it with the cookies and the cream cheese so that the balls were already a bit peppermint flavored. Another time I swiped the balls through the powder after the chocolate for a crusty peppermint coating. (This was by far the favorite.) You can also use mint oeros, flavored oreos, and of course different flavors of bark… The possibilities are endless!
Whatever you do to make the balls your own, you won’t regret the bit of prep time entailed…. These treats and so darn yummy they are dangerous. (The sticks can be removed prior to serving if you wish…. Makes transport easier too!)

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