Today we kept working on reintroducing you to bottles. Apparently we had taken a bit too long of a break from them and you are a bit resistant to using them. However, we need to supplement you with formula as my milk isn’t as much as it was and I (and my nipples) need to be able to take breaks from your gaping maw.

And your daddy likes feeding you.

And I want to be able to go back to work in January or at the very least take you to day care maybe one day a week at some point.

And honestly? Honestly I really don’t enjoy breastfeeding. I know, a lot of women do… but I don’t. I won’t say I hate it, because after all it is providing you with food and health etc, but I will say I dislike it immensely.

You flail and scratch, you pop on and off, it hurts, it is draining and boring and takes forever…. and it hurts! Sometimes it seems like you hate it too!

So, to the bottles we go!

We aren’t going to get rid of breast milk or breastfeeding you, we just want to be able to have more options. I have fed you via the breast for over two months now… I’m honestly not sure I can do another month, but we shall see.

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