A Mom Morning

Being a mom.
Is a lot of work.
But worth it.
I had one of those mornings, it was a mix… some really good and some frustrating…. Which, it seems, is par for the course.
1:37 am she wakes (she had been sleeping since 1030)
Marathon feeding / burping / cuddles
2:45, back to bed
5:15: she wakes
Marathon feeding/ burping / cuddles
6:30, back to sleep
8:10: she wakes
Daddy feeds her from a breast milk bottle
Burping / cuddles etc
In bassinet with mom at 8:30, very much awake.
9:00, bassinets are evil, she hates them, time for more food. ( I wonder how she can be hungry still)
Feeding / burping / cuddles
Lay baby down so mom can eat breakfast
Epic spit up all over everything (apparently she wasn’t hungry) 
Change clothes / sponge bath / cuddles
10:00, get picked up for trip to Target… this involves Baby in seat, base for seat and diaper bag being carried out to parking lot and affixed. Thankfully Ashley knows how to install car seats as I am still a bit rusty. Also, Daddy usually carries the baby in seat and boy is Mommy out of shape.
It is also already hot.
Drive to Target, Baby is sleeping, hooray!
Target trip: Baby sleeps until in the check out line, then lots of crying.
Get groceries and seat back in car, give baby a bit of a break from the seat with a walk and a cuddle, back in the seat, Baby is pissed.
Cries all the way home
Home: Trying to get groceries, car seat, baby etc into the house.
Baby is fussy but ok, want to put closd stuff away… open fridge and huge thing of cold cereal topples down and now there are tons of Cheerios all over the kitchen floor.
Baby is newly angry and very loud.
Ok, baby is priority, frozen groceries and kitchen mess will have to wait… time to nurse.
Phone call while nursing, the car seat base is still outside.
Walk outside to get it carrying baby on the breast.
Back inside, finish nursing, baby is fussy and then WHAM a blow out diaper.
Clean up mess, burp baby, cuddles
Baby is content with pacifier, clean up Cheerios, put away groceries, grab some food and scarf it. 
It is just now noon.
She’s fussy again.
Baby steps indeed… we are going to get there…

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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

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