9-19-12: Finally Meeting You Part 2

Finally Meeting You: Part 2

Labor it is!
So, Robin, Amber, Grandma, Daddy and I bonded through the labor today. 
Daddy and I started off last night (it started around 4 but he wasn;’t home until after 8). Robin came over around 1:30 in the morning and kept us company. We walked, we talked, we made plans….
Amber was here too… she and I went for a walk around the complex and went through the sprinklers. I’ll never forget that, I laughed at the water but I was also already hurting a bit…. it was the first time in months I hadn’t felt over heated.
I called Grandma in the wee hours and she headed here from San Jose. Can you believe we were actually worried that she might miss something? 
We went to the hospital and were told that I was only a 2… so back home (home by 6:30) for more exciting labor fun.
In this photo, Robin is braiding my hair.  I am not sure how she got the idea, but it was such a blessing to have all my wispy hairs off my forehead and my hair up and out of my way.  
At 11:30 we were sure I had dilated some more so we went back to the hospital… but again, I was measured at a 2 and we were sent home.
We listened to music, I sang to you through the contractions…. and I walked, paced, crawled, showered, and tried to focus on breathing and counting through the contractions all day.
All day.
Cynthia brought dinner and I forced myself to have a few noodles. I knew I needed my strength, but I didn’t want to eat, I wanted to focus on you.
Eventually Robin had to go and Ashley took over as labor helper.
As it got later and later my contractions started getting harder and longer and MUCH more intesne. They were primarily in my back and my hips, my damn hips I kept saying.  I had been having back and hip pain formonths now, so it wasn’t that shocking, but boy did it hurt.
At 11:30 we headed back to the hospital… in a bit more of ahurry now as the contractins were really coming strong…. and it was super hard to not flinch, stretch, and gyrate my way through them in the car… and of course there was road work on the way.
End of Part 2

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