9-18-12: Finally Meeting You: Part 1

Finally Meeting You Part 1

Could it be?


Or pre labor, and a false alarm.

Either way, time for comfort food in the form of veggie soup, salad, and brad from Old Spaghetti Factory!

The rest of today was actually very relaxing. Morning snack with Allison, pedicure and leg / back massage, then lots of lovely hang out time with Ashley and Richard (who is doing so much better with his walking!!!), then home to field a zillion phone calls before realizing that the random contractions aren’t as random.

Since around 4 this afternoon, been trying not to keep track while keeping track, trying not to get excited while being excited, and trying to rest while there is pain every so often.

Will you be born tomorrow? The next day? Or are you messing with my head and not planning on coming until next week?

Only time will tell….

End of Part 1

* This was real labor, I just wrote it earlier…. in Part 2 I talk about the rest of the night…..)

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