We had the Fresno Baby Shower today.

This photo is of us with the winning team from the Trivia game.

(Ashley, Chris, James, me, Kristen, Daddy… and baby Richard in front wearing all the beads.)

The shower was great! We had about 30 people and it was so much fun! A lot of laughing and teasing and good food.

Afterwards we came home with a whole bumch of family and the kids andI went tot he pool while Daddy hung out with other guests.

It was a great day, but I’m pooped!

Oh.. and for fun… here are the trivia questions from the game!

Trivia Questions:
Who weighed more at birth? (Matt)
a.       Bonus for actual weight of heavier baby (9 lbs 2 oz)
b.      Bonus extra for weight of smaller baby: (9lbs 1 oz)
Who had more hair? (Matt)
Who was over 21 inches at birth? (Kay)
What was Kay’s first word? (Ma-Ma)
What was Matt’s first word? (Daddy)
 Who got in trouble for punching out a 1st grader while in pre-school? (Kay)
7How did Matt and Kay meet? (online, yahoo personals)
a.       Bonus: when did they meet? (Sept 2007)
Where was their first date: (Farmers market in Campbell)
Where did they get engaged? (Santa Cruz)
a.       Bonus: when did they get engaged? (April 2012)
Where was their first trip together? (Portland)
Who played Mister Solomon Crosby, the mustached evil villain, in the 8th grade school melodrama? (Kay)
Who was wearing a size 2 shoe prior to being even 6 months old? (Matt)
1How many total, including steps, siblings do Matt and Kay have? (11)
a.       Bonus: An extra point for each one you can name (Stephanie, Bethany, Annie, Michael, Hailey, Abby, Kristen, Gina, Ian, Sam, Maryanne)
b.      If you toss Matt and Kay back in the mix, what is the cumulative age all added up? (I think it is 307,anyone want to check my math?)
What extracurricular activities did Kay do in high school? (ROTC, Drama, Literary Club)
What extracurricular activates did Matt do in high school? (Electronics Club)
1What was Kay’s weirdest job? (Avon Lady)
1What was Matt’s weirdest job? (points for either aroma therapy salesman or women’s shoes salesman or black studies TA)
What is the meaning behind the necklace Kaylia is wearing? (given to her by Matt on their 2 year anniversary)
1Where is Kay’s favorite place to shop? (Target)
Where is Matt’s favorite place to game? (Crazy Squirrel)
 What is Kay’s favorite song of all time? (Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band
a.       Bonus if the team can sing part of it
2  What is Matt’s favorite song? (Tightrope by Stevie Ray Vaughn)
a.       Bonus if the team can sing it.
What is Matt and Kay’s romantic song? (Stand By Me)
a.       Bonus if you can tell the story behind it
 hat did Matt want to be when he grew up? (Computer programmer or physicist)
 What did Kay want to be when she grew up (famous author or English teacher)
Baby Ella will have three grandmas: Name those grandmas! (Jeanine, Karen, Suzanne)
  Who wore a sparkly blue motorcycle helmet on his/her head because it was really really cool as a youngster? (Matt)
  Who was tormented by a poodle as a child leading to a still present slight fear of little dogs? (Kay)
.  Who was walking by 9 months? (Matt)
 Who insisted on using a real cup at 5 months? (Matt)
3  Who talked a lot as a child, to the point that he/she would talk himself/herself to sleep? (Kay)
3.  Who licked ALL the hotdogs one night at dinner to stake his/her claim? (Kay)
3  Who’s first novel (to be read) was Sherlock Holmes’ Hound of the Baskervilles? (Matt)
3  Who would get grumpy when being forced to share Calvin and Hobbes books with his/her dad? (Kay)
.  Who tricked his/her younger sister into picking up dog poop with her bare hands? (Kay)
3  Who would unconsciously hum, out of tune, while in school? (Matt)
.  Who was accepted to the wrong Master’s Program because the school didn’t think he/she would notice or care? (Kay)
a.       Bonus for knowing the school
Who’s little bare feet were a a surprise lunch for a hoard of red ants when he/she was only 2? (Matt)
Who’s first plane ride was at the age of 25? (Matt)
Ella is a pretty name. What are the two Hebrew meanings of “Ella”? (Ancient Hebrew: God, Modern Hebrew: Pistachio Tree)
a.       Partial point if you get one of the two.
Before she was Ella, she was Fishy. Who came up with the nickname of Fishy? (Kay’s sisters, Kristen and Gina)
What’s the first thing Kaylia bought for Ella? (Santa Cruz tee shirt)
What’s the first travel gift Matthew bought for Ella? (St. Jude’s teddy bear)
.  What’s the weirdest craving that Kaylia has had while pregnant? (Cigarettes)

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