Alone! (well, sort of)

We are now alone.
Well, sort of. There are four of us. One who fights epic battles with flies and takes up very little space….
Olive: Protector of the house!

One who is tiny and makes her presence known mostly through kicks and by jumping on my bladder. 

Matt, Me, and Fishy makes three!

But still. We are more alone than we have been for a while…..
See, back in April a couple that we are friends with split… and one half of that couple ended up staying with us. This was actually a pretty sweet deal for all concerned. We got some extra money, he got a place to live in Fresno. All was well.
But I’m pregnant and not terribly wild about sharing all the day in day out stuff with anyone not my Maifan-San.
But we are preparing ourselves and our home for little Ella-Fish… which means collecting hand-me-downs…. Which have been slowly taking over the living room….

Forget about getting a book or a movie….

But proximity doesn’t always breed comfort. Sometimes it breeds “Gee, I need my own space….”
But being on doctor’s orders to not exert in any way physically (includes no sex) makes me grumpy… especially when others just down the hall have no such limitations and can celebrate coitus.
But not being able to sleep in my undies, leave the bedroom door open at night for the cat, and have access to my office… these things wear on one after a while.
So, while I was happy to be able to help a friend and to get some extra cash… I was pretty happy when he told us he had found a new apartment and would be moving.
Which he did.
Last night I flounced around in lingerie. I sat in an unladylike manner…. And I moved all that baby stuff into the baby room and started the nesting that I have wanted to do for months now!

Because I could! 

Work in progress: Nursery part one.

Work in progress, Nursery part two

My living room…. has returned!


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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

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