The May issue of Parenting had an article about raising an optimistic child.

In related news, your May book from mom and dad was purchased today… it is all about a giant squid who is super pleased with himself for being bigger than other creatures. “Hey turtles,” he calls out, “I’m bigger than you!”

He is so pleased with himself that he doesn’t see the whale that comes along and eats him.


Floating in the whale, he sees the turtles (and all the other creatures that he had been bragging to earlier). Not to be deterred, he readjusts his perspective and shouts, “I’m the biggest thing in the whale!”


I laughed so hard at the store that I had to sit down.

I can’t wait to read this to you… I know just the funny voice to use!

Yep, you are either going to grow up a bit warped or super well adjusted. Maybe a bit of both.

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