New Job: Week One!

First Week
After a week of work at the new job, I can safely say that the novelty of waking up at 7 instead of 8 has worn off. However, I really like my job and the people I am working with.
A few highlights.
The broccoli in my desk: It is made of foam and squishy. But still.

(Also found in my desk…. 

a mini dental kit…

and way in the back of a drawer, two broken staplers.)
Also, there was the accidental phone call to the Sex Line…. From my office phone. I meant to call my Temp agency. Instead of dialing 1-888- XXXX…. I dialed 1-866-XXXX and got  a sultry woman’s voice calling me ‘sexy” and telling me how glad she was that I had called. She was quick to move on to the necessary credit card info that would be needed and I was quick to hang up.
Otherwise, the week has been relatively uneventful.
A slightly funny thing… Every Tuesday Kaiser employees are encouraged to wear turquoise as a symbol of workplace safety. Yeah, it makes little sense to me as well. Here is the blurb:

By wearing turquoise, employees and physicians can make a public statement that they are committed to ensuring their own safety and the safety of others.  Turquoise Tuesdays is one component of a safety awareness campaign developed by the Just One Day committee.  It is the committee’s goal to encourage employees and physicians to make that daily commitment to safety at work and at home.

The Just One Day Committee, by the way, feels we should wear turquoise every Tuesday… which means more than one day, but I guess it is just one day a week….

I don’t have very much turquoise in my wardrobe, and the whole thing seems a lot like that “Change your FB avatar to a cartoon character to promote the idea that child abuse is wrong!” thing, which also made little sense.

But because I am new, a team player, and look good in certain shades of blue… I did indeed wear a turquoise-like color today.

Not the best phot, but the right color… right…?

LEt’s see… I finally got my badge. It took two trips to the security office (not on my campus, which means a drive after work) and many phone calls. But I have it!

It opens all the doors in my building except the doors to the HR Department.

Did I mention that my job is in the HR Department?

Well, I’m sure it will get fixed soon.

Again, liking the job; I hope it will get extended.

And that about sums up my work recap!

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