Computer Games, the “Straight Male Gamer” , and Gay Romance.

In case you missed it…

Apparently a Straight Male Gamer got his boxers in a bunch over the fact that the game Dragon Age 2 was so gay inclusive that it gave gay romance options.  Speaking as the self titled “voice” of the Straight Male Gamer he started a forum to complain about how he was being treated unfairly.

Sadly, his homophobia isn’t that uncommon… Happily the makers of Dragon Age 2 had the response of “get over it” and then proceeded to out this complainer as the bigot that he is and schooled him in a forum post that 
ought to go down in the history books. His well phrased comeback contains this gem:

And the person who says that the only way to please them is to restrict options for others is, if you ask me, the one who deserves it least. 


To read the whole thing, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Computer Games, the “Straight Male Gamer” , and Gay Romance.

  1. Totally! LoL my only complaint about Dragon Age 2 was that it wasn't nearly as good as the first one, which, btw, also had gay relationship options…


  2. Okay, I just went over and read Bioware response and I think I want to romance them. My favorite part is, \”And if there is any doubt why such an opinion might be met with hostility, it has to do with privilege. You can write it off as \”political correctness\” if you wish, but the truth is that privilege always lies with the majority. They're so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance.\” Brilliant!


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