Wow, Just Wow

Just…. Wow.
The San Francisco Writers Conference I just attended changed my life. Seriously. I learned so much, I networked, I was inspired, I was motivated, I was given vital information I didn’t even know I was missing…. 
And I was carded by agents (meaning they gave me their cards and asked me to sent them my stuff.)
Again, wow.
The thing is, I know that they liked my ideas, liked ’em enough to ask to read the whole thing at least. This doesn’t mean they will like my writing. I mean, a written idea is very different than a talk about idea. So, let’s not get too crazy. There is a very real and very likely chance that after they get and read my written execution of the idea, they won’t like it. If they do, then there are multiple steps in regards to editing before it can be shopped to a publishing house, and even then there is no promise that anyone will want to buy it and put it out there on the market. 
So this is a big deal, but it isn’t an end point.
I wasn’t even going to pitch; my stuff isn’t done. But, I wanted the practice so I went in planning to wing it and chalk the whole thing up to experience/practice for next year. And I got multiple positive results. Which means I am now home and obsessing over word count, word choice, plot points, and diction.
In other words, I am going a bit MIA for a bit.
To finish this novel. To take the next step…. just one of many many many to come.
Because for the first time in a long time, I feel like I can.

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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

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