Adventure in Ovens

The party was a success!

The cookies were good, the candy was appreciated, the brie and apples were munched upon, the spinach dip and bread were gobbled up…. And even the apple crisp was enjoyed despite its brush with doom.
Oh yes, the brush with doom.
Aka, an example of just how NOOB-y I can be in the kitchen.
And yet, from the smell of brunt plastic rises the makings of another Kay’s Cooking Adventure!
I got the recipe for Apple Crisp online from a great slow cooker blog (Here!). I have used this site to make slow cooker mac-n-cheese which turned out pretty good, so I was excited to use it again.

It started off pretty simple…. 9 smallish apples. Well, okay, not so simple. What constitutes a “smallish” apple? If I go to the store and buy 7 regular apples… is that about the same? 

And… I know I am chopping them up but due to a severe fear of knives and a general discomfort with cutting things, I know I cut off more apple core/seeds/tough part than the average apple chopper. So should I use 8 regular apples?
I settled for 7 and a half regular apples and crossed my fingers.

One other note… I copied the recipe from a blog… which meant that then I had to up the font and reformat it so that I could read it off a word doc on my laptop’s screen with the laptop propped up on a tuperware container on the kitchen counter.
Anyway… here are the first few steps….

 “Chop up the apples and plop them in the bottom and cover with the remaining ingredients.
Cube your butter.
Toss the orange juice, cubed butter, brown sugar, vanilla and apples together.
I actuals find cubing butter fun.
I love the blog, but… for newbs like me these instructions seem out of sequence. Here is my slightly easier to follow directions: 

1. Chop up apples.
 2. Cube your butter, 
3. Mix butter, brown sugar, vanilla together. 
4. Add to apples, stir.

So there you have it, apples and such in the pot… and only then do I realize that I missed the first instruction (because it somehow got formatted up with the ingredients) of “Preheat your slow cooker on high and butter the inside of the stone ware.”
Le sigh.

I pour the apple mixture out of the stone ware and butter it and then put the apple mixture back in. I also plug the thing in and let it start heating.

Next: the topping.. this was easy, 2 cups crumbled graham crackers and 2 table spoons of brown sugar mixed up and then sprinkled on top… now it’s ready to cook!
Oh… except that it needs 3 hours on high… and it was only a smidge after three pm. The party starts at 7. So. How about… an hour and a half on high… and then two hours on low? Maybe that will work? Sure! Why not! Let’s live a little!

So… time passes… I do other things, the apple crisp smells good!

Guest arrive, food is laid out, I am keeping my eye on the timer… The last note in the recipe said to broil the stoneware in the oven for 4-7 mins for a crispy top.

The timer goes off, the crisp looks yummy… I pop it in the oven…
… And suddenly become aware of a burning plastic smell.
See… one must always take the plastic lid OFF the stoneware crock pot before placing the stoneware crock pot into the very very hot oven.
The lid had melted.
I waited for it to solidify and it popped right off… and only one guest even knew soething was amiss.

 I went ahead and served the apples (more like baked apple mush than apple crisp) and they got gobbled up. So… not a total fail, but a near one.Oy! Live and learn, yes?
And then today The Maifan-San and I got to do online research to find a replacement lid.

Which we found and should arrive in a few weeks and didn’t even cost us an arm and a leg. I should clarify, he did the research and I enjoyed left over sweet apple mush and left over Mom’s Holiday Butterhorns. Not bad, not bad at all!

I think I will try again before I share the recipe.  Oh, and I will actually make a New Years Resolution this year…. Don’t Burn Anymore Hunks of Plastic in the Oven!
Happy New Years!

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