Machine Bread

In my continuing desire to be awesome (or rather, more awesome than I already am) I made my first loaf of bread in my brand new bread machine today.
(Aside: New additions to our home: casserole dish, bread maker, baking sheets, nice glasses.  Can we say “Nesting!”?)
I never considered myself a Bread Machine sort of person, but I think that warrents a whole post on its own… I want to tell you about how Attempt 1 of baking via machine went.
First I read the instruction manual.  Like many strategy board games, it didn’t make a lot of sense, but I figured it would be easy to understand once I got started.
Next, I found a recipe to try. I picked Cinnamon Raisin Bread because Mark ate some last week and bragged. Also, it has been years since I have had Cinnamon Raisin Bread so if it didn’t taste quite right, I might not even know.

Ok, time to gather the ingredients.  Flour, oil, salt, yeast, cinnamon… easy! Oh wait… I need Baking Flour.  I will also need raisins since we don’t keep those on hand… and umm, yes, something called “dry milk solids.” Off to the store!

At the store: No Baking Flour. No “dry milk solids” (a quick google search in aisle 3 tells me that this is an old-timey way of saying “powdered milk” but alas there is no powdered milk at this store either.  Let me note here that we are at the Vons aka Safeway. We buy the raisins.
At the next store: SaveMart! Yes… here is Baking Flour… here is powdered milk… wow, you have to buy a lot of powdered milk. I better need this for every other recipe I want to do!
Home: Ok. The manual says to be very precise with measuring and also with the order you put the ingredients into the container.  I can do this. A quick motivating speech in the bathroom and some loud bluesy music on the itunes and I am ready.
Water. It calls for 1 and ¼ cups plus 2bsp.  Odd but sure.
2tbsp of oil Easy!
3 tbsp brown sugar. Firmly packed.   Have you ever tried to pack brown sugar in a tablespoon? It is… strange.  Also, even though the book says that layering the liquids on the lower level and putting all dry ingredients on top is the ONLY way to go, my brown sugar immediately dissolved  when it hit the water.  Ok, moving on.
2tsp salt. Back to easy!
2 tbsp dry milk solids aka powdered milk.  Weird stuff.
1 tbsp Cinnamon. Mmmm smells lovely.
4 cups Bread Flour. Done!
Walnuts… nope, skipping.
2 and ¼ tbsp yeast. Ok… up until now I have always used recipes that just call for a package of yeast.  So that is what I have on hand.  I attempted to measure out 2 and ¼ tbsp of the yeast… I don’t think it was exact.
“Indent holes in the dry layer for the yeast.” Ummm okay… I poked my fingers in (careful to not go all the way down) and poured the yeast into the holes.
Going to say this is the oddest recipe I have ever followed.
And now… place container into machine, chose “sweet course” and …wait. There is no “sweet course” as an option.  Frantic rereading of the manual…. Eventual take-charge-risk-assessment-decision made: I chose “Nuts/Fruits course” Then remember to add the raisins into the little fruit/nut  compartment.  (I skimp just a bit on these as well not being totally wild abour raisins.)
Ok: Start!
Loud grinding churning sounds emit from the machine… a full 25 minutes of loud churning sounds. Also though, a delightfully yummy scent of cinnamon and dough….

 It took 3 more hours to bake. So… more of a dessert tonight……

At last… it beeped and we knew it was ready!

Kaylia preparing to pull forth a thing of wonder…

You can’t see the bread in this photo, but doesn’t my hair look lovely?

Omg…. here it comes!

Hmm, ok.

Add caption
Ta-Da! Bread from a machine!
Well, not the prettiest of loafs…. but still.
Turned right side up after cooling on a wire rack, it looks normal… except… wait…
Notice anything odd…. about the Cinnamon RAISIN bread? How about the extreme lack of raisins…. I checked, they are all still sitting in the little fruit compartment of the machine.  Oh well…. I guess this is a Cinnamon Bread… that is only vaguely cinnamon.
Le sigh
The Maifan-San approves of the taste and texture though, even cut off a big chunk to have for breakfast tomorrow as he heads back to the field. So, it wasn’t a total failure. In fact with the speed at which it is getting eaten, I’m going to put this in the Almost A Win category.
Now to wash the machine…..

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