The Trashy Part of Christmas

One would think that the garbage people would realize that the post Christmas trash is rather a big deal and not cut down on the number of dumpsters and recycle bins available to the consumers.
Or am I crazy?
Anytime there are gifts, big meals, and excess of STUFF, people are going to generate more than normal amounts of trash.
Which is why I was dismayed to find that our normal dumpster to resident ratio of 2:This Row Of Apartments has been dropped down to 1: This Row of Apparently Really Trashy Apartments.
There I stood, cat pot trash bag in one hand, kitchen/bathroom trash bag in the other… and lo… only one dumpster.
Also, a rather impressive pile of trash.
Quandry: Do I add to the mammoth pile? Do I take my trash home and keep it on my patio until the dumpster gets returned or at the very least this one gets emptied?
It is Monday and I have the vague idea that Trash Day around here is normally Fridays.
Last Friday was Christmas Eve, this Friday will be New Years Eve. Is there any garuntee that they will actually come this Friday? Can my trash wait that long?
I split the difference and add my trash to the heap.
Also, I make a mental note to try to be as trash-lite as possible for the next week or so.
This got me thinking about trash… In my family and now in my home we don’t generate a lot of excess trash around the holidays. We are big fans of reusing wrapping paper… there is wrapping paper pieces that date back to the late 80s in my Wrapping Box for example and we use a lot of bags and such. But like a lot of people I sometimes don’t wait until the trash bags are totally full before chucking  ‘em toward the dumpster.  I have been guilty of using Kleenex for only one blow. I don’t always recycle my plastic bags.  Even though I own a dozen cloth grocery bags, I still manage to bring home a lot of shopping bags. Etc.
But no more! I promise to be more trash conscious!
How about you?

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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

3 thoughts on “The Trashy Part of Christmas

  1. Maybe the sanitation department is trying to encourage people to cut down on their trash by furnishing fewer dumpsters. Doesn't seem to be working yet, does it? Glad to hear you are doing your part not to over stuff the already over burdened system!


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