Settling In

As you can imagine, getting used to a new city has had its moments of ups and downs. More ups to be sure…. But there have been a few random downs.

In the up category we have the flatness of the streets/sidewalks. Yes, hills are interesting to look at. Flatness, though, is much better on my knees for the walking. Also, the streets are actually laid out in a semi grid like fashion. This is very helpful as we learn what street goes where etc. Also, so far, there haven’t been those streets with identify crisis… you know the kind… changing their names willy nilly, sometimes 3 times in the span of a mile…. I don’t miss that San Jose!

Another good thing; the sheer amount of space we have in this apartment. I mean.. wow. We have areas where there is actual SPACE! No more cramped bookcase after bookcase, things stacked against each other like some sort of hoarders wet dream. Nope! The cat has room to run laps, and it actually takes her a while to do a whole circuit of the apartment.

View from the futon in my office looking toward the hall and bedroom.

And with the addition of the new book cases we got in Santa Cruz but never had the time to properly arrange… we have enough room for ALL the BOOKS!!

Some of the bad?

This apartment is really great. Really. But there are, like anywhere, a few quirks. Such as, the toilet paper dispenser in the 2nd bathroom (Olive’s Bathroom) which is located behind and to the left of the sitting female. Not just to the left (annoying on its own) but also behind, freakishly behind, as if someone went to the effort of pulling the toilet forward juuuust a smidge to make getting a piece of the paper that much more difficult.

Also, in the master bathroom the shower door basically blocks you from being able to reach the towl rack once opened. Had the door been put on the other way, opening to the left instead of to the right, you could happily stand in the shower and reach the towel rack… but no. Instead you either have to store your towels on the floor for easy reaching or get out of the shower and then close the door and then get a towel. This second option is cold and messy. And could be so easily avoided with just the door being put on the other way.

See those towels hiding behind the door….

Le sigh

As for the town, errr city, itself. My main complaint is that there isn’t an independent bookstore. However, the lack of this has led to my brain spinning onto other matters… so I shall save that rant and philosophical question for tomorrow’s blog.

Suffice it to say, I am really enjoying Fresno. I might change my tune once I start actively looking for work. I am really hopeful that my lack of bilingual-ness won’t keep me unemployed, but this si a concern. I might change my tune once the summer heat arrives.

But for now, I am really having fun getting used to this new city.

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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. YOu know, I've noticed the difficult tp holder in places and wondered: who put that there and why? I mean, go to yoga all you want, but not because you HAVE to so as to be able to access your toilet paper!Pearl


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