Compliance is important. It is also a bit of a headache.
Yes, I understand that we need posters from every conceivable government agency posted in the work area. Yes, I understand that HIPPA has been updated, CHIPPA is new, and COBRA is essential. I just hate how it is such an almost impossible task to know what one needs, what one doesn’t need, what one should pay for, how much one should pay for a poster….

There is a company who will gladly send you updated posters for a fee. The problem is that they are sending us things that they admit we don’t need.


And just when I think the whole process is secretly out to drive admins such as myself into a deep pit of despair, something so bizarre happens that I have my faith in the idiocy of bureaucracy restored.

Our agency has a credit card machine that we use to take donations and to process sales (tee shirts, tickets on the Chardonnay, raffle ticket sales, etc.

In order to be in compliance I recently had to answer a questionnaire about our use of said machine.

They wanted to make sure we aren’t terrorists.

The questions went like this:

A) This organization adheres to accepted financial and record-keeping standards. *
Comply Do Not Comply

B) This organization does not knowingly provide financial, technical, in-kind, or material support to any individual or entity that supports or engages in terrorist activity. Furthermore, this organization takes reasonable steps to ensure that its funds and resources are not used by this organization, or any organization to which these funds are distributed or re-granted, to support terrorists or terrorist activity. *
Comply Do Not Comply

C) None of our officers, directors, or affiliated organizations (e.g. subsidiaries or parent organizations) support or engage in terrorist activity. *
Comply Do Not Comply

D) This organization does not re-grant to other organizations, individuals, programs and/or projects outside the United States of America (failure to comply with this statement will not automatically disqualify your organization).
Comply Do Not Comply

Did you read question B? Did it make your head hurt?

I mean, sure… it is good to make sure people aren’t terrorist… but… if I was a terrorist, would I admit to it on this form?

And what makes this even better… this isn’t the first (nor the last) such form that we have had to fill out vowing to not be evil terrorists.

Again, compliance is good. The practical application of staying in compliance… a whole other kettle of fish.

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One thought on “Compliance

  1. The purpose of these things I have found is to shift liability. They don't really expect anyone to say \”Yes we fund terrorists\”. When the audit comes and they are asked \”Did you know they funded terrorists?\” they can readily reply \”No, and we have the questionnaire to prove it\”.Eliminate dependence, eliminate bureaucracy.


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