Good Neighbor / Bad Neighbor

Hi Neighbor.
Have you heard about this?

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by Fox News anymore… The whole “what sort of useless mean spirited misleading bull crap will they come up with next” game seems to be passé now because, honestly, it just gets worse and worse.

Like this: Mr. Rogers is evil.

Mr. Rogers… was bad for kids.


Well… apparently, by telling a whole generation of kids that they were special, not for any particular reason, just special for being themselves…. Has led to a generation of spoiled entitled bratty people who are a plague upon society.
Here’s the clip if you can stomach it.

Yeah, back to the What?

Excuse me, do I really need to point out that there is a huge difference between telling a kid “You are speical” and telling them “You are better than everyone else.”?

There is.

The first is empowering. Inspiring. Uplifiting. Kind. Important. And something that all kids need to hear.

The second… well. It isn’t any of those things but most importantly, it isn’t what he was saying to the kids.


You are special!
You are better than others.

Or shall I put it this way,

What Mr Rogers Acutally said
What the pundits at Fox News are saying that he taught kids.

Again, a big shake of the head at this fake news channel.

I loved Mister Rogers. I loved that he encoraged imagination. That he was sweet and seemed caring and kind. I loved that he signed off each show by promising to be back (an important thing for kids to hear from caring adults).

“You make each day a very special day, you know how? By just you being you.There’s only one person in the whole world like you. People can like you just the way you are.”

Mister Rogers, you were a good neighbor and a friend to children. You are missed.

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