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Author Kaylia Metcalfe Introduces Links
Short Story Collection Celebrates Human Connections

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – In Links: A Collection of Short Stories (published by iUniverse), author Kaylia M. Metcalfe explores the complexity of relationships as she examines human beings’ struggle to connect, or link, themselves to others.

In the story “Angel,” the panhandler Angel makes a brief and ultimately tragic connection with a young, frazzled woman. Angel is, unknowingly, at a crossroads in his life. She, unknowingly, is the catalyst for his epiphany. Her moment of kindness is rewarded by a horrible hit-and-run accident that leaves her dying in Angel’s arms. Angel will never know her, but as he holds her he is connected to her in the most intimate of ways.

The story, “Goals,” follows the misadventure of Brett and Danny, two college students who have planned to make their summer the best ever. At first, they are enamored by the idea of endless drinking and roaming seductions. However, as their adventure progresses, Danny begins to pull away from Brett and finds himself being affected on a deeper level by the pursuit and eventual achievement of these goals. From crowded bars to a sticky Denny’s booth, Danny finds himself in the quiet and peaceful embrace of a tired waitress. Danny’s journey is at once universal and yet wholly personal.

Through these narratives, Metcalfe shows how we all yearn for the same things in life: to feel like we belong, to feel important to someone and to feel that we are connected, in some paramount way, to others.

About the Author
Kaylia M. Metcalfe grew up in the Silicon Valley of California where she attended high school and junior college. She studied writing for film and television, and she has been a contributor to poetry anthologies. In 2005, she graduated with honors from California State University, Sacramento, receiving her bachelor of arts in English.

Metcalfe is now busy promoting her debut work, Links, and is working on another short story collection. She resides in Santa Cruz, Calif., and is an active blogger and volunteer in her community. Visit her online at

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