I decided to get a hair cut.

Or rather, I decided to get all of my hairs cut.

It was time. I hadn’t had a proper hair cut in over three years and my last little trim was about a year ago as well.

Ok… so that is the official reason. The truth is that the whole turning 30 thing is kind of freaking me out and for some reason the fact that I had a hair style that basically consisted of “ignore, wash, repeat” wasn’t helping me feel any more mature and adult.

So, a new hair style was in order.

The problem is that I am inherently lazy when it comes to stuff like doing my hair or wearing make up. There is an aspect of feminism, “take me as i am” to be sure… but there is also a big chunk of “sleeping in” and “it takes me 10 minutes to get ready in the morning.”

‘Hi,” I said to the perky glossy perfectly coifed hair dresser at the salon down the street from my office, the salon i could never have ever been able to afford except that it just opened and I managed to score one of those special offer package things.

“Hi!” she said, probably realizing that I was going to be her problem client of the day.

“I want a cut,” i hesitate, “a few inches or so to get rid of the split ends… and then, maybe a style that I can maintain easily.”

“Sure,” she smiles “do you have any photos/”

Well, as a matter of fact, I do! I had spent a whole 10 minutes on the internet looking up possible ‘dos” and then i had harnessed the power of the internet and my iphone to be able to instantly show her the two style I had figured I might be able to a)look okay in and b) handle the upkeep for.

She was undaunted. We talked about my ability to care for a style (none) the amount of time I wanted to spend on it in the morning (as little as possible), and my normal routine of hair care (wash in the evenings, air dry, occasionally brush).

She still seemed undaunted!

“I think we can do it.” she smiled at me again, “I’ll give you a bit of bang but not across your forehead and some layers to help your hair have a bit more body… and I’ll cut about … say, … 6 inches off.”


In the end that is exactly what she did.

Before hair: (from a few months ago, so it was actually a bit longer)

Current hair:

And I can still sort of put it up in a pony tail thing.

I sort of like it. It will take some getting used to, to be sure, but I feel like I have an actual hair style for the first time since maybe age 13.

Now… to consider highlights….

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