AT&T… only 1 calorie of evil?

AT&T gets rid of Unlimited Data Plans.

That sounds bad. It sounds like we are going to end up spending more money on our already pretty pricey phone bills.

But… Not so! In today’s lesson of why it is good to read beyond the headlines…. This is actually a good thing for consumers.

It is going to save me personally 15 bucks a month. Which isn’t huge, but you can bet that if it was going to raise my bill by 15 bucks, I would be pretty steamed.

So, this is actually rather nice.

Here’s how it works.

Right now AT&T is charging us iPhone users a $30 fee for unlimited data usage. (Data usage is email, videos, web browsing etc). As of June 7th you can either stick with that or opt in to one of the new programs which will be the only options for new users.

The two plans are DataPro and DataPlus.

DataPlus is the cheaper option at $15 a month for 200MBs which AT&T says is good for 1,000 e-mails without attachments, plus 150 messages with attachments, plus 400 Web pages, plus about 20 minutes of streaming video. If you go over, you get another 200MB for another $15 bucks… meaning you would be paying the same amount as normal but with 400MBs. If you think you will need more than that you can do the DataPro option.

DataPro is $25 a month and gives you 2GB of data. (That’s already a 5 buck savings) If you go over, you get a $10 charge. Making your total bill only 5 bucks more expensive.. and that is if you go over.

How many MBs and GBs do you really need?

A good way to check is to see how many you used last month and the month before that. You can do this on the iPhone by tapping “settings,” then “general,” then “usage,” then scroll down to the “cellular network data” heading. Other smartphones have it in the Setting menu… or you can call AT&T and ask.

It might surprise you how little you have actually been using. I know it surprised me.

And perhaps one of the best parts of this change… AT&T will warn you if you get close to your cap. You will get a free text message at 65%, 90% and then right before you cap out.

With safeguards like that and plans that can and quite possibly will save you money… what’s not to love about his change?

Yeah yeah, AT&T is a big evil corporation out to rule the world.

But maybe they are only diet evil.

At least for now.

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