Is it me… or….?

The other day I found a box on my front stoop.

(Actually the little brown mat we bought for people to wipe their feet on, but that is the closest thing I have to a front stoop, so there you go.)

The box had been delivered UPS and it seemed, by it’s weight and the sounds that it made when I shook it, to contain paperwork.

It was also not addressed to either The Man or me.

What does one do with a UPS package that isn’t for you? I checked out the return address and lo and behold, there was a phone number.

I called the number… afterall I am a good citizen. I left a message in the main voice box. I waited.

A few days later I received a voice mail of my own from the company that had sent the box. They informed me that they would be contacting Gino (the intended recipient of the box o papers) and giving him my contact number so that he could come by and pick up his box.

Wait… what? They are giving my personal information to some random guy? Some random guy who obviously knows already where I live… so he can… drop by.

Something about that seems weird to me.

Maybe I’m paranoid.

Why don’t they just have me drop the damn box off at my closest UPS store, let it be someone else’s problem… either return it and have it resent to the proper address or have him pick it up there. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Also, we are preparing to go on vacation… I don’t really feel like telling this guy, who knows where I live, that my apartment is going to be empty for over a week.

And in the days between now and the vacation, we are freakin’ busy. I don’t have the time or the inclination to chill out at home and wait for some guy to pick up his box because he didn’t bother to inform them that he had moved.

Moved back in late February mind you.


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