Thank You

I want to say Thank You

Thank you to Matt who’s tips on where to get good cardboard were perfect and led to many many free boxes of excellent quality being rescued from their dumpster homes.

Thank you to Ian who gave us the use of his truck and his muscles and his good will in the rain on Friday night.

Thank you to Big Five for being open late on Friday night so we could buy a queen sized air mattress since our bed was unavoidably delayed.

Thank you to Rachel for helping with the move, for going dumpster diving with me, for buying plates and cups and a bottle opener, for taking photos. Also for protecting the rose.

Thank you to Jeff for helping with the move and for being such a cheerful addition to the team.

Thank you to John for helping with the move and for not suing when he got a bungee cord to the gut.

Thank you to Scott for helping with the move on Saturday and also loaning us his vehicle on Sunday so that we could transport our new dinning room table home safely.

Thank you to Kathy for helping with the move and for offering perfect timed words of encouragement.

Thank you to Gina for helping with the move and for keeping the hangers, the chess set, and other priceless things safe.

Thank you to Tom for helping with the move and sticking around to keep us company while we started to unpack.

Thank you to Patrick and Stacy for playing “relief pitchers,” helping us set up the living room, and bringing us bread, wine, and smelly things.

Thank you to Good Will for having a sale.

Thank you to the sunshine that made the weekend lovely.

Thank you to my boss for letting me take Monday off thus being able to finish unpacking and spend some quality time with The MaifanSan before he left for southern CA again.

Thank you to Franklin and Adele who took care of Missy May while we prepared for the move. She has finally forgiven me for taking her home.

And mostly.. Thank You to The MaifanSan himself for being patient and kind and sweet during the move. For letting me hang my tapestry. For putting up with my when I got grumpy. For agreeing to live with me. For reminding me of what is important. For cuddling me on an air mattress. For offering to rub my neck. For letting me obsess about random things. For letting me redo some of the organization. For being a wonderful partner.

Thank you all!

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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

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