Skeptics, eh?


Welcome to October: month of birthdays, gatherings, costumes, candy, changes, goals, a much anticipated book debut, and much much more!

First things first. As some of you know, I am occasionally active in what is sometimes called The Skeptical Movement. I don’t call it that, but others have been known to do so. I call it “Things that Encourage Critical Thinking” and that tends to lead to skeptical thoughts and actions and whatnot.

I read the blogs, I point our woo and logical fallacies when they rear their ugly heads… sometimes I write about Senseless Email Forwards like this one about numbers or this one about socialism. Every now and then I even write about Science-y stuff (science and soda for example).

I also help plan events for the Skeptics Without A Cause, a Santa Cruz Meet Up group that gets together to talk critical thinking among other things.

Oh, and I have a personally signed James Randi doll which is all sorts of cool.

He even spelled my name right!

Along the way I have met some very nifty people who also blog about math, science, critical thinking, anti-woo, etc. (Heck, I’m dating one of them, the always sensationally smart and rationally minded Maifan-San aka Anthroslug.)

Imagine my joy when I was contacted by Steve (Some Canadian Skeptic) who told me that a bunch of the Canadian skeptic sorts were going to be working together to bring us a Canadian Skeptic blog!

No worries my non Canadian friends. I too am not Canadian. However, this new blog will not just be for our northern friends…. But for anyone who is interested in what skepticism is all about, err all “aboot.”

And the new blog will be featuring some of my favorite bloggers…. Like Steve but also the stupendous Kimberly Hebert. Which is just all sorts of awesome. This woman is one of my heroes.

Anyway, enough of my gushing… here is a bit of official copy:

Skeptic North, Canada’s first ever Canada-wide skeptic organization, announced today that it will be officially going online, October 1, 2009.

Skeptic North has culled together a wide variety of Canadian skeptic bloggers from coast to coast, including (but not limited to) Scott Gavura (of Science-Based Pharmacy), Desiree Schell (of Skeptically Speaking), Steve Thoms (of Oot and Aboot with Some Canadian Skeptic), Jonathan Abrams (of Ottawa Skeptics), and Kimbo Jones (of Skeptigirl).

“As far as we can figure out, this is the first time that anyone has collected a group of Skeptics from across Canada and gathered them into one spot,” said Editor-in-chief Steve Thoms. “Up until now, organized skepticism in Canada has been a strictly regional affair, and I’m really excited to see what kind of work Canadian skeptics can do when we have a national scope and reach.”

Skeptic North has contributors from almost every major city in Canada, and expects to grow very rapidly. It aims to affect the mainstream media, government policy and the culture-at-large. The blog will have a special guest-blogger feature on occasion, and Canadians looking to get their voice heard should contact the editor.

So, go forth and check out Skeptic North!!!

Published by kayliametcalfe

Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

4 thoughts on “Skeptics, eh?

  1. Omigawd, I heart your James Randi doll. Do you know he's dying? Yes, he lives around here so it's news, he is very ill. :weeeeeeeeeep: Anyway, amazed at another thing we have in common, Kaylia. It's been about twenty years or more but I had a subscription to The Skeptical Inquirer before it was even called that (it had some really complicated name). I'm totally in sync with the skeptical movement and wish I had Showtime so I could watch Penn & Teller's \”Bullshit\”, I hear it's terrific.And from now on we can't blame Canada 😉


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