Mandatory Bus Ride Fun

I am not going to complain.

Tomorrow is a Mandatory Shut Down Day for my company. In the interests in saving money they are making us all stay home and not work. Which is just dandy for a lot of people… they just tap into that Vacation time that has been accruing and the paycheck doesn’t have to suffer.

Also, Monday is a holiday… again, the “real” employees don’t care… they get paid anyway.

These things are not true for a “Contract” person such as myself. (By the way, I have been a “Contract” person on a three month contract for two and a half years now… This is another source of quiet angst, but I digress.)

I don’t get to accrue vacation. I don’t get paid for holidays. In fact, because they are so concerned about saving money that even though there is plenty of work to be done… I am not allowed to work on these days… so I get a four day weekend and two paychecks in a row get stiffed.

But again… not complaining. Because I managed to make two different doctor appointments for Friday meaning that I won’t have to take time off in the future.

Score one for me!

Now… getting to the doctors’ offices is no small task… I can’t just zip over to them. It is a bit more complicated than that.

Again though… not complaining.

Because really, it wouldn’t do any good. And besides that, I am actually very lucky. I live in Santa Cruz. I work in San Jose. My doctors’ offices are spread out between the two… BUT San Jose and Santa Cruz, (despite being about 40 miles apart) both have pretty decent public transportation options.

Which is a Must Have if you are a non-driver like me.

So, without further ado, I present to you my Transit Schedule for Tomorrow. Knowing that I have a MD appointment at 10am and a DDS appointment at 2pm, I have planned accordingly.

(Take a look at this and then tell me that you hate being stuck in traffic, that you resent gas prices, that your car insurance is too much….)

Leave home at 7:40
Catch the 7:55 HW 17 Bus  San Jose
Arrive San Jose Train Station 8:55
Take the Light Rail (MtV / Wch) at 9:22
Arrive Downtown Campbell 9:35
Walk to Dr.’s office (15 minutes)

Appointment at 10:00
Appointment should end around 11:15

Have lunch with dad in downtown Campbell

Walk back to LR station (leave Campbell at 12:35)
Take the LR (MtV / Wch) at 12:50
Arrive 1st and Santa Clara at 1:12
Take the #23 bus at 1:32  Alum Rock
Arrive Santa Clara and 13th at 1:45

Appointment at 2:00
Appointment should end around 3:00

At this point I could do a bunch of reverse steps to get home… but instead I am getting a ride home with Jaime who lives in downtown… and who will be helping me with that whole “new roommate” thing I hinted at before. Look for photos and news regarding that on Saturday.

And then my long vacation weekend can begin!

Again… not complaining. Just saying that people should really not take the zippiness and speed and ease of driving for granted.

It is a privilege… so look both ways, drive safely and quit complaining about red lights.

And be nice to us pedestrians.

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