Let The Countdown Begin!

My book, Links: the delightful debut short story collection you are all probably sick of hearing about, is only about a month or so away from being here! (Give or take a week or so… publishers run on “Hawaii Time” it seems.)

Here is the current proposed cover art:

Ain’t it pretty? It will probably look pretty different once the design team has their say, but for now, let this image dance in your head.*

From the back of the book:

A mother struggling to forge a connection with the daughter she lost years ago, the emptiness and frustration of a lonely marriage, a sweet sexual coming of age, a sisters’ shared innocent rebellion, a surprising moment of horrific introspection, a moment of closure that shadows any hope for new beginnings…these stories and more showcase the links that everyday people struggle to create.

These are glimpses of successes, of failures, of hope. They travel deep into the hearts and minds of the regular people who embody our contemporary culture and remind us all of what it means to be human, to be linked.

Although the characters do not know each other, their common desire to find a connection reverberates throughout the collection, connecting each story with themes of loss, change, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Join these extraordinary voices as they weave together a chain of unforgettable Links.

You can read more (including the introduction) by visiting my website: www.kayliametcalfe.com

(Warning: if you are using an old version of IE, the page might need to be refreshed in order to make it not-stretchy… my website guru is hard at work fixing this issue.)

Also…. And here’s the kicker, on my website you have the opportunity to Reserve Your Copy!

It is FREE to Reserve Your Copy, all it takes is a name and an email address… Be one of the First To Know when the book is ready for purchase!

And… if you Reserve Your Copy before September 15th, you are entered to win a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY!

Hard to beat, yes?

So, check it out, tell a friend, and check back soon for details about launch parties, books readings, and much much more.

In case you missed it, here I am on the Good Day Sacramento show doing my best to shill myself in a classy way.


*Actually it will look night and day different… but I am not allowed to show the “work in progress” cover art… Don’t worry, once it gets all finalized, I will be spamming it all over the place.

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