Friday Brings Out The Crazy.

Happy Friday! What are your plans? This weekend I get to go experience Roller Derby for the first time with Jeff AKA Iconoclast Anonymous. (who really needs to start blogging again, hint hint)

Crazy Fans + Hard Core Women on Skates = Much Fun!

The rest of the weekend I plan on catching up on reviewing projects and watching the final season of The 4400… a show that sadly isn’t on Hulu… but happily is available via Netflix.

Speaking of Hulu… some Hulu news….

If you are so inclined, you can watch the behind the scenes footage of the first few months of the Octomom and her kids. (Talk about crazy….)

Or, also on you could watch episodes of Firefly! One of these shows will rot your brain and make you hate yourself as well as your fellow human beings. The other stars Nathan Fillion.

No contest.

One of the best parts about the Firefly show was the mix of new and “not new” technology… and with that segway I bring you some nifty new stuff.

New technology puts the Theremin to shame.

Theremins make music using the movement of the player’s body but without physical contact (You have head the theremin sound in 1050 alien abduction movies… it is that high pitched “Whooo—OOOO—ooo” sound that makes your teeth clench.)

This new technology lets your body become the synthesizer.

More interesting tech/music news: Robotic hands that help your muscles learn how to play the piano…

And then Some Canadian Skeptic (Hi Steve!) breaks down why this is beyond silly.

Moving on….

You all think I am nuts for being afraid of birds… despite my run in with the Bird Lady and being attacked while minding my own business… well I finally have proof!

That’s right… crows can recognize you and have been known to stalk people for years while holding a grudge!


I need something happy after that….

Ok, not happy.. but definitely odd: and an example of how your day could be worse.

A passenger on a Southwest flight exposed himself to a woman who naturally screamed. He punched her, fought crew members but was placated and sat back down. Next thing you know… he had taken off all his clothes… and then threw up.

The plane returned to Oakland and he was arrested. The woman was hospitalized.

There are just too many crazy people out there… and I’m not even going to bring up the loons at the town hall meetings.

Not at all.

Ok, ok… one little thing; Barney Frank is now a personal hero.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Barney Frank’s Town Hall Snaps
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political Humor Healthcare Protests

And on that note… have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Brings Out The Crazy.

  1. I adore Barney!!I had a crow stalking me in Brooklyn, neighbors swore they heard my name in the windstill gives me a chill at timesbut I always feed the birds here so I'm assuming word got out


  2. I had the privilege of living in Barney Frank's district for 19 years. He's awesome! A totally real, smart, humble and yes, very funny man. What a great clip, thanks!


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