The Girl Who Might Be Boy

My next blog post was going to be about Socialism… but….

It’s all over the net right now… Caster Semenya a sprinter who has won races, set records, and battled some personal health issues in the past is being asked to prove her gender.

Obviously (?) it wouldn’t be fair if she won races if she was a he… she(he) would need to compete with men not women.

Well, ok. But why is there any doubt as to her gender?

From what I can read, she suddenly “burst on the scene” and started kicking the snot out of her previous times. She also is highly muscled. One (Just one) report listed her as having been seen with facial hair.

Enough to raise doubts? Enough to start rumors? Sure.

Enough to keep her from competing? Thankfully no. She was (is… hard to tell with the time differences) allowed to compete… but she is also being asked to undergo physical, psychological, and genetic testing to prove her gender. No word yet about if her medals would be striped if she was found to be a he.

Here’s the thing… no one is crying fraud. No one wants to take her medals away or keep her out of the races… so why is it even an issue? Have we become so quick to accuse people of wrong doing, of cheating, that we can’t simple appreciate her for who she is?

I just think it is highly offensive to tell a highly muscled athlete who might have some facial hair that she doesn’t appear to be female. She isn’t the only woman out there with facial hair… not by a long shot. She isn’t the only woman with a highly developed muscled body. Is she the only one who has increased her abilities quickly?

No one is talking drugs or other enhancements… no. Instead they are attacking her gender… and apparently, the tests will take weeks to finish.

So, we along with Caster, must wait.


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7 thoughts on “The Girl Who Might Be Boy

  1. Yet another reason I hold to the extremely unpopular opinion that the only competition that should be separated by gender is a dick-measuring contest… and maybe not even that. I mean, if she wanted to compete bad enough, I guess there's no valid reason to exclude a woman rather than just marking her score as zero and moving on…


  2. Okay, I understand they they would need to do a genetic test to determine gender as well as the old look-in-the-pants, but why the psychologist. The issue of gender can be very complex, and I understand that people may feel that they are the other gender, but would that affect the person's athletic performance? We are talking about a purely physical contest. If Semenya self-identifies as a male, but is physiologically a female, does the self-identification matter during the race?


  3. Can't say I've heard of that argument before but as someone with some annoying facial hair I would hope they have a better argument that that as I assure you I am a female.


  4. Tink: Aye, that it isRystefn: I don’t actually agree with you… but I kind of dig the visual you just gave…Jairus: It shouldn’t… but I guess they think it will… or something…Louise: I know right? I have known several gals with a bit of hair on the face… they were all woman, let me assure you.Unknown Mami: Wow indeed.


  5. Okay, so here's what I don't get. It's unfair for her to compete against other women if she's a man, but not unfair for her to compete against other men if she's a woman?Talk about a whopping double standard.Here's what else I don't get. Why is it that nobody's made what I'd consider to be the obvious suggestion that perhaps she's been dipping into the male hormone pool? I mean all that muscle mass and hair all of a sudden and nobody's asking that question?Maybe it's her name. Yeah, that must be it.


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