Healthcare, Humming Fish, Mars, and oh yes… Jon Stewart.

Happy Thursday! The Maifan-San comes home tonight! Needless to say, I am a bit stoked by the prospect of seeing him.

Here are some stories to help us all get through the day….

Some Canadian Skeptic explains the hoax behind the hoopla regarding Canada’s health care. (If you have seen the ads, please read this post.)

Just in case you had questions but didn’t know who or where to ask… here is a good stem cell primer. Take note, this is the future.

A bit of fun is to be had on ebay… the famous “867-5309” phone number up for grabs

Here’s another bit of fun, thanks to NASA and the interwebs, you can now send your name to mars

And zomg! Fish that hum!

And back to healthcare (it is the buzz topic right now) This video is Jon Stewart giving the smack down to a conservative regarding health care. Best part? The guy brings his own rope, ties his own knot, and then has the grace to realize he looks foolish.

Happy Thursday!

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