The Power of Fox

This just in: Egypt has moved!

What, you didn’t think Fox “News” had that kind of power? Think again!

Best comment from the original story:

See, this is what I like about Fox. They let you decide where Egypt is instead of having some fancy pants elitist tell ya!

And here is an actual map, just in case you didn’t see anything wrong with theone above.

Is it Friday yet?

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Fox

  1. They also have a history (lately it seems more like a policy) of identifying any Repubican caught in a scandal as a Democrat.


  2. the Daily Show did a story about how Fox News came to be just as W was leaving office. They became popular in the late 90s as the \”rogue\” station who frequently called out Pres. Clinton for his abuse of executive power only to take a complete 180 degrees on that idea when W was in office. And what have they done now? Mixed in tapes of their shows in the 1990s with old McCarthy \”red scare\” video spots from the 1950s.


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