Good Start and an Update

Yes, I know you are probably as tired of the wedding season as I am…. But I couldn’t resist. This has go to be the best way ever to start a marriage. Or a church service. Or, you know, the rest of your life.


I just sort of needed that… thanks Amy.

It has been a busy couple of days.

There was a new website to work on (should go live tomorrow…. There will be massive linking, consider yourself warned.)

There were the business cards to order… not my first set. I had business cards when I was a Marketing Coordinator, an Event Planner, a Project Leader, and even as an Avon Sales Representative.

My new ones say “Writer” and thus they are my favorite.

There was a trip to Sacramento to plan for, pack for, and prepare for. Some of that preparation meant touching up my hair and getting a much needed trim. I still want to get my nails done… must find the time. I did, however, settle on an outfit that will hopefully make me look adult and professional and not like I am playing dress up. It’s weird… I get to dress pretty casually at my current job, and my body weight has fluctuated dramatically since I last had money to buy new clothes. This means that my options were fairly limited.

Yes, I ended up in red, black, and white. Call it cliché’ or a signature look… I think I’ll call it “things that fit” and leave it at that.

Plus there was working long hours to balance out the whole taking a day off of work. (Someday I’ll once again have a job that lets me accrue vacation/sick time…. someday….)

There was also a change in plans regarding hand models and cover art…. which just means that my sister Kristen might get to add “Hand Model” to her resume right under BS in Business from Berkeley. I think it will help her land a job, don’t you?

Anyway, I will be headed to Sac tomorrow to be featured on the Good Day Sacramento morning show (weekend edition). You can watch it And with that, I am going to go back to trying to keep my head from slowly exploding.
live on the website (Sat. morning 8am CA time) or check back next week for the upload.

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5 thoughts on “Good Start and an Update

  1. I absolutely loved that video. I'll have to share it with a dear sweet friend who is getting married in 9 days :)And I'll do my very best to watch live Saturday morning. WOOOOOOOO!!!


  2. Kaylia, Kaylia, Kaylia…I cannot TELL you how much that video made my day. At first I was amazed and then I started balling like a baby. It just struck a chord for some reason. I think I just really loved seeing those people put that much effort into doing something special for the wedding. Damn, I'm a sap aren't I?Anywho, can't wait to see the upload from Good Day Sac. Adding you to my featured blog roll.what's the deal with your sister and the job market?


  3. That is, quite literally, the best video I have ever seen. Hands down. Nothing else even comes close. Thank you for sharing.


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