From the Earth, to the Moon, to my Bookshelf.

I couldn’t resist.

40 years ago the US met the goal JFK set and landed on the moon.

My dad was around 13 years old when this happened and I think that this huge event in his life is partly what led to his life long love affair with science fiction.

A love that he passed down to me.

From way back as a kid “borrowing’ my dad’s Analogues and reading his Isaac Asimov, I knew that Sci-Fi was special… magical and yet thiiiis close to being real. My dad encouraged my reading and my imagination. For bedtime stories my dad would sometimes relate to me old episode of Star Trek. Later he broadened my horizons with Fantasy… reading me The Hobbit and then classic adventure stories. But we always fell back on the Sci Fi.

It was my dad who introduced me to Jules Vern, George Orville, Phillip K Dick, and Ray Bradbury. It was my dad who told me the amazing story about Jedi and Death Stars.

I am currently reading “The Sparrow” and enjoying it immensely. It is just one of a long line of Sci Fi titles that I have enjoyed over the years… thanks to my dad… and thanks to the Apollo 11 moon landing all those years ago.

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2 thoughts on “From the Earth, to the Moon, to my Bookshelf.

  1. Its interesting you post this today, as the 40th anniversary is coming up. My dad has told me how he sat at home watching this on tv. And last night I sat with the boys and talked with them about Endeavour that just left on a mission. I hope I too can one day take them to NASA like I did when I was in college (both in FL and TX), as well as the Newseum (who is doing the celebration w/ NASA for this anniversary). Its incredible to see what the human spirit is capable of creating.


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