Things that make you go “Awwwwww’

Warning: This post contains explicitly cute photos and an overall sugary sweet coating. People with a low tolerance for sweet or adorable might do well to read the following with a healthy helping of lemon wedges at the ready.

It’s Friday and I have decided that what the world needs (or at least those of you who stop by here every now and then) is a heaping happy dose of Things That Make You Go Awwwww….

First off we have the photos of my newest niece… Bitty B joined her sister O in the world last week and has already charmed her itty bitty way into our hearts. Like heart burn… but more fun.

Ok, if human babies aren’t your thing, here are a few classically cute animals!

The video is dedicated to Stacy and her pug Hurley.

And lastly, a sweet story from your’s truly.

I love getting flowers. Yes, they die, Yes they don’t last… but I think that is part of their charm. Life is short, bad things happen, we might as well enjoy it while we have it right? The same can be said for relationships…. Although we like them to last a long time, the fact is that nothing lasts forever and, just because it is short lived, doesn’t give it less value.

Flowers remind me of this… they remind me that beauty changes and that time keeps moving. They make me value the past and take joy in the present.

Yeah I know, that’s a lot from dead plants. Shh.

The Maifan-San has given me flowers a few times during our time together. Each time was special, each time was perfect, each time I was reminded of how special he is.

The first time I cried.

We had made plans for the weekend but then he had to go out of town for work and thus our plans were broken. The thing was that he didn’t “seem” all that upset about having to break our date. Also, we weren’t exclusive as of yet and there was a part of me, a rather large part, that wondered if he was just loosing interest.

I decided to not sit around and sulk, so I lined up two dates, fully anticipating a busy day. That morning I got up and was looking over my notes while getting ready for Date 1 (yes I take notes… when you are dating multiple people, it just makes logistical sense to have a cheat sheet of who has a cat versus who is allergic to cats etc) and it hit me. I didn’t want to be dating anyone else. I just wanted theThe Maifan-San

Then the flowers were delivered. The card wasn’t mushy, just a “thought you mike like these” and when I called him, he told me he felt bad about having to cancel our date and that he missed me.

Magic words.

I canceled the other dates and spent the day with my girlfriend alternating between giggling and daydreaming about The Maifan-San

Over the years he has brought me flowers to cheer me up when I was having a really horrible day….

… to celebrate Valentines Day….

…. and last weekend, “just because.”

Because why? Is it because I bake yummy cookies for him and occasionally send him naughty photos? Is it because he knows that these simple things melt my heart and make me go all mushy inside? Maybe it’s a combination…

Either way, I have these photos as part of my screen saver and they never cease to make me happy.

And make me go awwwwwwww.

Have a great weekend!

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