The Maifan-San aka The Man (aka Anthroslug: boyfriend extraordinaire) is currently on assignment in Buttonwillow… where they keep finding odd things out in the desert.

And now thanks to the miracle of the internet I know more about Buttonwillow than I probably ever needed to know

First off, Buttonwillow is the name of an American town… and yet Microsoft Word wants me to correct it to Button Willow

Secondly, buttonwillow is actually the name of a plant… a variant of the buttonbush. (“buttonbush” by the way is perfectly acceptable to MSWord.)

Here’s the fun part… the town was originally named Buena Vista (1895) but soon changed its name because of a popular meeting spot/landmark (future placement of the town’s first post office). That spot was the site of a buttonbush that was mistaken for a buttonwillow. I doubt the Yokut Indians (original settlers of the area) had any such confusion, but whatever.

The original spot is now considered a historical Landmark (No. 492) Oddly named the Buttonwillow Tree even though it is a bush, very clearly a bush) but it is the Buttonwillow Racetrack that seems to get all the attention in the town.

Here’s a photo of the buttonwillow

Apparently the foliage turns silver in the fall and the flowers are white… which sounds sort of pretty. Call me selfish but I hope that the Maifan-San isn’t in Buttonwillow long enough to see the silver foliage.

And this concludes your random bit of learning for the day.

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