Knifes scare me.

I am not really sure why… I have never really cut myself horribly… but mostly because I mostly refuse to handle any sort of knife in any serious fashion. In fact, most of the things I already know how to cook don’t involve cutting of any sort.

It’s true. Opening packages can be done with scissors, stirring things takes spoons, and even breaking apart things life ground beef for the Stroganoff happens with a spatual when the meat is safely in the pan. (I also really don’t like touching raw meat, especially beef but that is a whole other issue.)

Chopping, slicing, cutting… these all seems like things that actual cooks do, people who have managed a certain comfort in the kitchen, a comfort I severely lack.

There is also the issue of which knife to use. There are literally dozens of different sorts of knifes, big ones, little ones, serrated edges, non-serrated edges…. knifes that are curved, knifes that are straight, knifes that look like daggers, knifes that look like veggie peelers…. And I somehow know that they all have different uses… but I still haven’t figured out which knife really goes the best with which thing.

Ok, I am not dullest knife in the drawer… I know that a Bread knife is a big one with a serrated edge.

And I know that you should use the small knife for cutting fruit.

But… there are still a whole bunch of black handeled instruments of fear in that drawer that I honestly just don’t know what to do with.

A few years ago my boyfriend at the time tried to teach me how to cut veggies. Specifically garlic. He patiently showed me which knife to use (big, straight edge), and then taught me this see saw method that I still use whenever I think it might work.

And it because of those few chopping lessons that I was able to chop garlic for two different recopies this week.

Yes, knifes still scare me… and I will probably always try to find a way around using them… but with enough practice and deep breaths…and a few more kind hearted cooks like him, I feel confident that I will be able to manage my kitchen.

Either that or I will just have to hire out all knife work. I can pay with baked goods (Very little cutting in backed goods!)

So far… two meals cooked from scratch in the last week. Baby steps, yes?

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5 thoughts on “Knifes

  1. A great resource for learning about knives is Alton Brown's book, \”Gear for Your Kitchen\” he explains all the different types of knives, their uses, and the ones you really need for your kitchen. Also, Brown's book \”I'm Just Here for the Food\” is a great beginners cookbook. He goes into the actual science of cooking and what it does to the food. Both books are informative and funny.


  2. Good for you- and I agree with sharp knives- dull ones are your enemy.I have a serrated knife for bread and tomatoes, and a couple of good all purpose chef's knives that I use again and again- like a 6 and an 8 inch. The rest are used only sporadically and I cook a lot.Oh and a big *ss knife for melons and squash and stuff. LOLIt's great you are getting back in the kitchen and trying new things. Keep up the good work.


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