Kay’s Stroganoff.

This is a good easy to make recipe that is tailor made for leftovers. In fact, many people argue that it tastes better the next day. I plan on making it today (Sunday) so that I can eat it during the week.

1 package (1 pound) ground beef
1 package egg noodles (or bow tie)
2 cans gravy: beef and mushroom is a good combo. 1 can cream of mushroom soup and 1 can beef gravy works as well. Use whatever you have on hand.
Seasonings to taste (I use minced onions and garlic.)

Brown ground beef in skillet on high.
Add in onions and garlic (1 clove) while the meat is cooking. Stir often.
Once beef is all brown (no more pink at all) add in the gravy (gravy/soup) and turn on medium. Stir well and then let it simmer on Medium low for a good ten minutes.

Cooke noodles in saucepan with a bit of butter. Drain and then put back in the pot.
Add beef mixture to noodles and stir well.

Take off heat and eat or let cool for easy Tupperware storage.

Time to Cook: The first seven songs off of REO Speedwagon’s Hi Infidelity.

Makes a whole bunch. I had a heaping helping along with five asparagus spears and put the rest in containers… at least two lunches and another dinner.

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