Pasta and Asparagus Dinner

1 Jar medium priced pasta sauce (I like the basil flavored one)
4-5 Spears of as fresh as you can get it Asparagus
1 Garlic Clove
1 Handful dry uncooked Angel hair pasta
1 loaf French Baguette
Butter and Olive Oil
Whatever spices are handy.

Time before eating: The first 8 songs off of The Best of Sheryl Crow album. By the time “If It Makes You Happy” is playing you should be sitting on your living room floor with a plate of food. Actually, it will probably take you less time if you don’t take photos along the way and send a text message announcing your success to half the people in your contact list.

I chopped up the garlic… actually I pulled three cloves of the big garlic hunk and then chopped those using the chopping technique Christ taught me* and cooked the pieces in a thin layer of oil on the stove. (Frying pan)
Once it was hot and starting to smell all garlicky, I added the uncut (but rinsed) asparagus spears.
Heat on High gradually turning down to medium low for about 10 minutes,

I don’t measure my pasta or my water… I just cook it until it is tender but still firm (8-10 minutes) and then drain off the excess liquid. I also add butter to the pot when I add the noodles.

Pour as much as needed into small saucepan to heat.
Add spices as desired.
A good combo is bay leaves (crushed), minced garlic, minced onions, a few shakes of parsley and a few shakes of pepper. Obviously, the more sauce in the pan, a bit more spice… And I taste it as I go.

Serve with French baguette slices and butter.

Noodles can be tossed in the fridge, leftover sauce can be as well or frozen.

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