"Sign Here…" Part Two

The following is Part Two of my “Adventures in Researching Before Signing A Petition.” To read why I am bothering, why I picked this petition,… in other words Part One, you can CLICK HERE.

Adventures in Researching Before Signing
Part Two

The petition about the parks arrived in my email box between Netflix alerting me to shipment of Twilight (NOT the new movie, the “older” one with Gene Hackman) and an email notification of a Facebook comment. Needless to say I read the other emails first.

When I did open the email this is what I found:

Hi Kaylia,

Times are tough, and the state is faced with some horrible financial scenarios. Among the programs in jeopardy is state parks. Gov. Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting the parks budget to zero, which could result in up to 220 state parks being closed.

E-mail Gov. Schwarzenegger telling him to protect California’s state parks.(This last line was a link)

First off, let me assure you the emphasis (bold) was not added, that is how it came. Also the slight grammatical error was there as well.

I know that in advertising, as well as many forms of persuasive prose, it is good to start off this way… claim of reason “Times are tough” (well, duh) followed by a Scandalous Proclamation “Among the programs in jeopardy is state parks.” Then the scary bit of “This will surely make you upset bolded statement.” And then the link with which you can Act Now!!!

If you were to click on that link, by the way, you get directed to a rather common petition site where there is a preprinted letter that you can edit and then a place for you to tput your information.

But what if you didn’t take the easy link option? What if you kept reading? Well then, you would see this:

Of course, we understand that some parks might need their hours and services cut, and others may need to be closed for the time being, as we weather this financial storm. But our parks are an important refuge for people, especially when times are tight. And they are a critical part of our economy — for every dollar we spend on state parks they bring $2.35 back to our economy in tourism.1

Parks spending is such a small part of the overall problem. In fact, 100% of parks funding only makes up 0.88% of the budget shortfall. And these parks, from Montana Del Oro to Topanga State Park , mean a lot to people around the state. I know they mean a lot to me.

Join me in e-mailing Gov. Schwarzenegger, telling him to set aside enough funding to keep our state parks open as an important haven for Californians in these troubled times, by clicking on the link below:



Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director

1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/29/schwarzenegger-would-clos_n_208941.html

Again, I didn’t bold anything. It came like that.

And again we have almost the same scenatio in terms of persuasion at work. The link is even the same, it is just spelled out this time… I am not really sure why.

What I find very interesting is that there is a source listed for the first statistic regarding money… but no source listed for the second one. This sets off a few alarm bells in my head but at this point I am still willing to give these people the benefit of a doubt. After all, parks are pretty nifty things.

I am very curious about that second stat, but let’s start with the first, yes? If you look at the link than clicking it won’t be a total shock. It takes you to the Huffington Post.

Yep, The Huffington Post… known in most circles as rather unbalanced. But, ok, sure… let’s give the article a read shall we?

/Kaylia reads, her brow crinkles, a mutter of indignation passes through her lips, and she rolls her eyes at one point./

Stay Tuned as the Adventure Continues…. (later this week)

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