Good Old Dick Cheney says people should have the freedom to enter into whatever union they want, but that it should be decided at the state level.

Because having equal rights laws being decided at the state level has worked so well in the past…. The idea that you are equal on that side of the line, but not over here… in that town/state/county…. But not in this one or that other one, or maybe the one you wanted to live in, have a family in, nope. Sorry.


Don’t get me wrong… I am glad that Cheney supports gay rights… but if you only support something some of the time (in some of the areas) then are you really supporting it?

If Mr. Cheney is sincere, then lets see him help us fight DOMA.

In other news, AT&T just made it onto my “Idiot List” with the following conversation.

Hello. This is AT&T Service Rep Bimbo, how many I help you?
Hi… I set up a service call and got an automated message telling me that the appointment was set and I wouldn’t need to be home, but that they were going to be checking my lines.
Yes, I see that, but you will need to be home.
I will?
Yes, how else do you expect them to test your lines?
Oh.. ok, well when will the service rep get here?
We don’t have any way of knowing that.
Oh… umm, is there like a four hour window or something? See my commute to work is 2 hours…
No? No, what?
No, there isn’t a four hour window, there is a 12 hour window; he can come anytime between 8 and 8.
Haha, you’re joking right?
A 12 hour window? I have to be home for 12 hours… on a weekday?
Yes, we don’t schedule weekend appointments.
Can my appointment be first or last or something so that I can still go to work?
We don’t have any way of controlling that.

The rest of the conversation was pretty much just that last bit repeated over and over again while I tried to wrap my head around the concept of taking an entire day off of work to sit on my rear end and wait for a service guy who may or may not be able to actually fix my internet service.

Eventually the woman got all sorts of cranky with me and told me to deal with it before signing off.

Now to convince my boss that I am NOT a flake, moving to Santa Cruz will NOT affect my job performance, and that No, I am NOT out looking for other jobs.

I guess I will catch up on my reading and do laundry.

And count the days until I can be free of AT&T.

Published by kayliametcalfe

Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

3 thoughts on “/Grumble

  1. if they're testing lines outside I don't see why you need to be there, am I missing somethingeveryone gives a 4 hour window! not 12!!Cheney's comments were so pathetic. I was reminded of when his grandchild was born and they took an official portrait of him and Lynne with the baby – wouldn't want any lesbians mucking up the shot!


  2. That's pretty bad… but it could be worse. ComCast insists I owe them $120 for service I never got because they had the wrong address down for me and my actual address didn't even exist in their computer system so there was n way for me to change it. Fuck them. I miss Time/Warner. Shitty customer service, but at least the connection was reliable and fast.


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