Still Not Equal.

And again we take a step in the wrong direction.

There might be silver linings regarding the marriages that already took place.

But still.

I am again disappointed and dismayed with my state.

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5 thoughts on “Still Not Equal.

  1. You were my first stop when I saw the news. It\’s a blow, but it\’s not a death blow. I\’m just really astonished that places like Iowa have joined the ranks while the standard-bearer of progressive politics — Califuckingfornia — which had already sanctioned marriage equality gets torpedoed by Prop H8.What kind of alternate reality is this??


  2. I know,The thing is that CA is a huge state and there are a lot of really conservative counties.We are still a red state after all.The fight is already gearing up for 2010, as for myself I will be ready to fight again, always until it works.


  3. Kay – Hi. . . I am dismayed as well. California is supposed to be the place we all look to for its progressive way of life. it\’s the idealized america. . . It\’s supposed to be a mile ahead not a micron behind. I am still trying to figure out who gets hurt by having marriage open to all couples (no one). I am trying to figure out who gets helped (a lot of people) and what does it cost (nothing, it saves). I wrote the story \’Almost California\’ because CA is where everyone wants to be. I still think this is the case but wow they\’re making some things harder than they need to be. As always, I love reading your blog.kww


  4. To quote the great poet Pepe Le Pew \”Le Sigh\”.I have been having an interesting bit of debate on this issue with a few people on facebook too.


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