I had a list… somewhere… a list of blog ideas.

And some of them were pretty decent.

But in the process of changing purses several times in the last week, I have misplaced my list. Which just goes to show you that writing lists and other important pieces of information on random pieces of scratch paper, is dumb.

Even better? I actually carry a notebook around with me for the express purpose of being able to write notes down that won’t disappear or get mistaken for trash.

Even BETTER? For my birthday The Boyfriend* gave me a new beautiful leather bound notebook to use for said lists, story ideas and general “I should write that down” moments.

And yet…..

So my bloging has suffered due to my extreme lameness. I humbly apologize.

…. I have also been super busy with the whole social life as well as the writing. (Mild panic in regards to the writing…. )

Tonight I am procrastinating finishing a short story by shivering in my heater-less apartment. Yes, I know it isn’t Missouri or North Carolina, or even Sacramento…. But darn it, it is 35 degrees outside and a whooping 61 degrees in here. (I know, I checked!)

And it will only get colder.

It isn’t that bad…. And I know that winter won’t last forever… and heck shivering must burn calories right? Ignore the sound of my teeth chattering as I huddle under the blankets and use my laptop for warmth.

I think for Christmas this year I want a space heater.

Or this

Because, drool!

Of course being the good little planner that I am…. My actual Christmas shopping for other people is done. It is really easy when you only buy 1 thing, throw it in the middle of the living room carpet and yell “Fight!’ at your friends. Entertaining and cheap! Plus, I like to think that whoever manages to come out of the scramble with the gift and all his/her original teeth intact will be even more grateful.

Ahh the holidays….

Really though, for those of you out there who might be doing your Christmas shopping now… or who are putting it off for later when the lines and the crowds ramp up past “annoying” and into the ‘insane’ category… may I offer a few web based ideas?

*These one-of-a-kind gifts are also proper punishment for anyone who, when asked “what do you want for Christmas/’ says something exceedingly helpful like “I dunno, whatever.”

Personal Soundtrack Tee Shirt

Another Awesome Tee Shirt

Flying Monkey Stocking Stuffer

I bet you all can guess the one I want, yes?

And lastly… not exactly a gift idea, but still worth 60 seconds of your life. Ever watched a Kid/College Student/Me play with bubble wrap? Imagine that with a puppy! And Balloons! (no sound needed)

Anyway, happy almost weekend!

*Anthroslug aka The Man aka The Boyfriend aka Matthew…. For some reason he hasn’t run screaming from my life even if I do randomly rename him on a whim.

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Queer,loudmouth,skeptical-agnostic-pagan,book addict,coffee lover,wine drinker, SAHM,writer,editor,producer,podcaster. -She/her

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