Showing my… Relaxing Place

I am typing this on my laptop while sitting on my bed with the ipod set to “bluegrass” music and turned up moderately loud in order to drown out the 10 year old who is trying to drive me (and all the neighborhood pets) nuts by playing the same 6 notes over and over again on the recorder.


One, Two-Three, Four, Fiiiiiiive, Six!
One, Two-Three, Four, Fiiiiiiive, Six!
One, Two-Three, Four, Fiiiiiiive, Six!

And on and on….

Really though, I shouldn’t complain. Before this kid there was the ever present Crying Child who would spend the evenings into the middle of the night weeping and crying and occasionally letting forth a blood curdling yowl just to spice things up.

The recorder is an improvement, but not by much.

Anyway, I am sitting on my bed typing because that is what one gets to do after the purchase of a snazzy laptop. I love this thing… even though it is cursed with the Evil That Is Vista and even if the touchpad isn’t nearly as sensitive as I would like… it is still a mighty fine tool and a pretty fun toy.

But it isn’t my lap top I want to wax poetic about today… its my bed itself.

I love my bed. I mean, really truly, love love LOVE.

Part of why I like my bed is the whole atmosphere that surrounds it…. Epitomized by the painting that hangs above it…. A relatively new addition. I bought it on impulse and am so very glad that I did. I mean… art… pretty… and flowers? What’s not to like?

The bed itself is a vast improvement over the metal cot that preceded it…. Although, to be fair the cot was a step up from sleeping on the floor which I did for a while as well. (Sometimes striking off on your own leads to back trouble.) But those days are behind me now because as of this past spring I saved up and bought myself this wonderful queen sized symbol that I am actually getting this “grown up” thing down. Sort of.

I love my bed.. I love laying on it with my laptop, laying on it to watch movies, laying on it to, well, you know. Sleep. Yes, sleep. I am a big fan of sleep.

So that is where I am and where I plan on staying for at least a few more hours.

Not too sure if I am going to do Friday’s Show Me… this might be my last entry. Just wanted to say a big THANKYOU to the “blogosphere’ that welcomed lil’ ol’ me into the mix…. And a big THANK YOU to Robert for the idea. I had a lot of fun this week!

(post inspired by the Show Me Photo Project over at Thoughts From A Fathe)

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10 thoughts on “Showing my… Relaxing Place

  1. There is something really wonderful about loving your bed. I don\’t much like my bedroom – would that I could replace the furniture – but I LOVE my Tempur-Pedic mattress. I enjoyed your view post down below. Lots of wonderful personal treasures.


  2. The painting is lovely and goes so nicely with your grown-up bed! Glad you joined in the fun of \”Show Me…\” It\’s been a lot of fun meeting new bloggy peeps. Hope you get to post tomorrow anyway. Have a great weekend! 😀


  3. I cannot believe you cannot understand the basic sacrifice that that young child (and all it\’s neighbors) are going through!! Think about Beethoven. Deaf! Had the cut the legs off the piano, and learn the notes through vibrations on the floor. True – it migyht be nice if this child did that as well, as long as he is not on the floor above you…


  4. Theres nothing better than a good bed to relax in. When on vacation I always look forward to getting back home to our bed. So very relaxing. Thanks so much for playing along with this project this week. I really enjoyed coming here.


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